One unexpectedly rainy February morning Jooj was born. Nestled on the side of the mountain next to a cool stone Jooj began to grow roots. It would be a few years before those roots turned into legs.


Once that happened he walked down the mountain towards the city center, found some paper, and started folding butterflies. Where he finds himself now. 

Is that really an artist bio or am I trying to let you know that I have never taken my life too seriously? It’s all a bunch of pushes and pulls guiding one towards something gratifying. The only aspect I have ever taken seriously is the work I do. Is it beautiful? Does it command attention? Will it enhance a setting? Will it rock your world?

Some call me an origami artist others refer to me as a paper artist; I believe my art comes from the stencils I create to make the final image. The hand-folded butterflies and paper are merely my own personal form of paint. 


Strip away the back story and focus on my work, does it appeal to you? Take away life’s anecdotal stories from the artist and what is left is the art, does it matter to you? 

I love what I do and hope you love it too.

Jooj is a South African artist living in Cape Town.

On 5th December 2019, at Youngblood Gallery on Bree. Jooj broke the Guinness World Record for the largest Origami butterfly display with The Merlin Wall…


Determination + Imagination = An artist named Jooj. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.